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With an unwavering commitment to excellence and in partnership with our manufacturers, we will achieve the highest standards of performance by providing exceptional service. 




Lynn & Hemphill, Inc., originated as the Frank W. Lynn Company, in 1908. Mr Frank Lynn represented both automotive, hardware and industrial manufacturing. In 1919 his son, Ted E. Lynn, Sr., became connected with the agency as a salesman and worked continuously for his father, except for a brief period, as a national sales manager for Lindemann & Hovers, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1945, Ted E. Lynn, Sr., and Wm. R. Hemphill bought out the Frank W. Lynn Agency, changed the name to P.R.O.S., a partnership, which continued until October 1966, when the business was incorporated. On January 1, 1972, the assets of the corporation and all the stock were purchased on a 50-50 basis by Hal Wallis and Pat Hagen. 


After twenty-one years in the insurance field, Hal resigned his position as branch manager to enter a new field in 1953 as a manufacturerer's sales rep. In 1954 Hal joined Lynn & Hemphill as a territory salesman and worked his way up to sales manager, a position he held for three years, and after nineteen years in the automotive field, on January 1, 1972, became 50% owner of Lynn & Hemphill, Inc. Hal then gives Lynn & Hemphill strong management background brought out by his training in the insurance field, plus twenty-one years of in-depth knowledge of every division of the industry. 

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Pat began his career in the automotive industry in 1945 as a manufacturer's rep in the automotive accessory field and in 1948, joined Lempoc Automotive as a direct man and worked his way up to regional manager and general sales manager, leaving Lempco after sixteen years of pioneer automotive air conditioning parts as Vice-President of Sales, of Reman Corporation. In Jan 1, 1972, Pat became the other half of Lynn & Hemphill, Inc, to give the company one of the strongest managerial teams and how-to in. the automotive industry. 

Pat, with thirty years of experience, brings the pioneering knowledge of marketing ability to the company. 


In keeping with the times and an ever-changing market, Lynn & Hemphill changed their name on June 1, 1977, to P.R.O.S (Professional Representatives of the Southwest, Inc.). Our growth for the past years has been tremendous, and it then became necessary and there was a need to keep up with the market and changes accordingly. Our history and traditions are extremely important to us and the future of P.R.O.S.

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